Live your Life by Design

Purposeful Morning Coffee Thoughts allows you to set up your mornings in a controlled - intentional manner and Live your Life by Design and NOT my Default.


It all starts with the perfect Morning Coffee Thoughts

Before I started my business, I didn't give much thought to routines.

But now I know that my Morning Coffee Thoughts are directly related to how well I live out my passions. I am now more intentional about how I start my day. 

After all, it's hard to be passionate when you're half-asleep, distracted, anxious or overwhelmed about what is waiting for you as soon as you get up, am I right?

That's why I started looking for new ways to make my mornings count.

I realized that it's the small changes that make the biggest impact. Writing in my journal before I go to bed, and finding 10 minutes to meditate before I go to sleep.

But the biggest game changer?

My Morning Coffee Thoughts!

My mornings thoughts are now controlled and intentional. Setting me up for success and allowing me to activate my Superpowers to start my day!

We all have goals and aspirations, some big and some small. To achieve our goals, we may set out to make a plan of action, but sometimes our plans don't always work out. Sometimes we struggle to focus and to stay organized. That's where visualization can help.

When you visualize your goals, it's like creating an image in your head of what success would look like. This exercise allows you to remain focused and motivated, as it gives you a clear picture of what you are working towards. With this clear picture in mind, accomplishing tasks becomes easier and the entire process becomes more enjoyable.

Visualization can also be used to help manage stress and anxiety. Thinking about your goals in a positive light can help to create a sense of calm and control. You can take this moment of calm and use it to practice focusing on the present. This will stop you from overthinking things and allow you to concentrate on the task at hand.

By utilizing visualization and having regular intentional morning coffee thoughts as soon as you wake up, creates a sense of purpose and gives you the mental fuel you need to conquer the day.

As your mind can not differentiate what is real or not.

It all starts by Exercising your imagination! Creating scenes with the image you want for your life.

This is a powerful way of creating what you have in your imagination and bringing it into reality.

Having intentional Morning Coffee Thoughts starts your day with a high level of consciousness and energy to set you up for success and get you into the right flow for the rest of the day!


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