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Say NAI to Life

Nectaria Kladitis & Andreas Batakis


This is our Story

 We know how overwhelming it can be to have multiple roles in life.

Have a family and run a business simultaneously.

You have competing needs that all need to be addressed. You want to raise well-versed children and be successful in your business. Not to mention have time for yourself and personal freedom.

Sometimes it feels that you can’t do everything and be everywhere.

Having twin children and running a family business seemed overwhelming not to mention moving countries.

We left our families, friends, and our real estate brokerage to start over.

It felt exciting but scary.

We had to juggle so many things:  House hunting, Schools, Daycares and establishing ourselves as professionals seemed to be the toughest.

Yet here we are! Celebrating another anniversary of not only having children that have excelled but creating multiple businesses as entrepreneurs and achieving higher success and sales goals in a short period of time.

Hitting the news on a national television report in 2020 for doing things differently in the industry. Just 9 months in the business, we were making quantum leaps and receiving awards on multiple levels for our business, our communities, and our children.

What happened? How did we get from being overworked, and stressed out at the end of 2019 to hitting new levels of success in 2020? 

We changed our mindset and worked on our personal development.


👉🏻 Personal growth

👉🏻 Coaching

👉🏻 Raising our Energy levels

We were able to shift our perspectives and achieve ease flow and prosperity in our lives and work.

Now we want to help your family achieve quantum leaps.

As peak performance coaches, we help busy entrepreneurs with families like ourselves nurture their relationships and go from Overwhelm to Ease, Flow, and Prosperity with less hustle.

It can feel impossible but with a guide by your side pointing the way,  we guarantee it's within reach.

Reach your potential and

Say NAI to Life

Find the resources that are right for you.

The Law of Being

Take a guided journey with weekly interactive lessons. 

Law of Being is a fully digital system designed to unlock the unlimited potential inside you.

Through this enlightening 16-week journey of self-exploration, you will expand your consciousness to enjoy more satisfaction in every aspect of life and shift into becoming all you dream of being.


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1-on-1 coaching

Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance.


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Unlock Your SuperPowers

Learn actionable skills you can easily use to improve your daily life. 


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Organizational and Leadership Development

Learn to: 

  • Awaken your ultimate leadership potential, no matter your career path, industry, or field.
  • Implement the life-changing Energy Leadership™ tools in your organization, teams, and personal life.
  • Uncover your ultimate goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Leave With

  • Increased consciousness in leadership.
  • Confidence in knowing you’ll be leading with a fully planned out leadership journey.
  • Lifetime access to the material.


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Feeling Stuck, Frustrated and Overwhelmed

The prosperity roadmap will teach you the exact principles to apply wealth in all areas of your life.

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