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Hold the Power in your business and your entire life.

catabolic energy energy energy levels entrepreneur entrepreneur with family levels of consciousness power Jan 16, 2023
I'm Nectaria Kladitis and I’m a Certified Energy Leadership Coach.
 As a coach, we empower entrepreneurial families to engage their energy and create success.  We strategically help families using our Say NAI to Life method from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their current path in life TO unlocking their highest potential and achieving ease, flow, and prosperity in their life and business.
Throughout my years as an entrepreneur, I realized that we all live inside certain levels of consciousness.
These levels are all interconnected and affect your energy levels.
Problems arise when we get stuck in catabolic energy levels for a long period of time.
This  causes stress and overwhelm to our business and our lives.
As an entrepreneur with a family, you don’t want your business issues to affect your personal life and those that look up to you as a leader.
I believe it is crucial that every entrepreneur understand the different levels of consciousness and be able to use them by choice rather than by effect.
When energy is used at its highest and purest form we are able to be successful in all aspects of business and life with ease and flow, and in a fraction of the time.
✨It’s an energy thing and we have tailored this into a three-step method to help you be in control of your energy & consciousness level by choice.
✨I want to show you How to Hold the Power in your business and your entire life.