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If it's on your plate, you've ordered it. 🤯

Hi, You’re listening to the Say NAI to Life podcast.

Today’s episode is all about:

If it's on your plate, you've ordered it. 🤯⚡️

👉Do you feel that life is unfair?

👉Do you feel you should have more than what you have?

👉More money?

👉More fame?

👉More love?

I hope you enjoy it! 😍

About the Hosts:

I'm Nectaria Kladitis and I’m a Certified Energy Leadership Coach.  

And Andreas Batakis a Mindset Coach. 

Together We Say NAI to Life.

 As Entrepreneurs and Coaches, we empower entrepreneurial families to engage their energy and create success.  We strategically help families using our Say NAI to Life method from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their current path in life TO unlocking their highest potential and achieving ease, flow, and prosperity in their life and business.  

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