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2.How to create everything you want in life.


Today’s episode is all about:

Have you ever stopped to think about what we are?

Have you realized you are NOT just part of the universe or of creation, but rather

YOU ARE the universe - An expression of it.

The reason you don’t need to see or reach for the sun is that you carry the sun inside you!

Now you may think it sounds poetic or science fiction but it’s Not.

You see, our sun is made out of energy and this energy passes through all life and forms on earth.

When energy is used at its highest and purest form we are able to be successful in all aspects of business and life with ease and flow, and in a fraction of the time.

I hope you enjoy it! 😍

About the Hosts:

I'm Nectaria Kladitis and I’m a Certified Energy Leadership Coach.  

And Andreas Batakis a Mindset Coach. 

Together We Say NAI to Life.

 As Entrepreneurs and Coaches, we empower entrepreneurial families to engage their energy and create success.  We strategically help families using our Say NAI to Life method from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their current path in life TO unlocking their highest potential and achieving ease, flow, and prosperity in their life and business.  

Throughout our years as entrepreneurs, we realized that we all live inside certain levels of consciousness. These levels are all interconnected and affect your energy levels.

Problems arise when we get stuck in catabolic energy levels for a long period of time.

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